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Here's what you can expect from 5Point in the event of a hurricane.

At 5Point, we believe that nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our employees, our members, and their families. This means that in the event of a hurricane, we will put your safety above all else. By having a plan in place today, we can protect the people who are important to us, while causing as little disruption as possible for our members. 

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

  1. Set up home banking.  If you do not currently have home banking on your accounts, please click here to sign up. Home banking is the most convenient way to access your account information 24/7. If you have any problems setting up your home banking account, call us at 1.800.825.8829, option 2, for assistance.
  2. Set up mobile deposit on your 5Point mobile app. The mobile deposit feature allows you to deposit checks with your smartphone or tablet from any location. It does take several days to enable this feature, so now is a great time to set it up.
  3. Make a note of 5Point's routing number. Our routing number is 313187571, and is listed at the bottom of each page on our website. 
  4. Have wiring instructions accessible. Click here for printable wiring instructions.
  5. Locate shared branches. Did you know that 5Point is part of a shared network of credit unions that will allow you access to your 5Point accounts all over the world? Click here to locate a shared branch.
  6. Know your account number. This is the only way a shared branch can look up your account.
  7. Having a credit card is beneficial. A credit card is invaluable to you in the event of an evacuation. If you need to book a hotel, it does not incur the large holds commonly placed on debit cards. It can also cover unexpected expenses. You can easily apply for our 5Point credit card here.
  8. Purchase inexpensive waterproof bags to place the contents of your safe deposit box in ahead of time. Waterproof bags can be found in local sporting goods stores or on the internet.  
  9. Have the contact information for all your creditors in one place. In the event of a natural disaster, you should notify them as soon as possible. They can give you options in the event the storm impacts your income.
  10. Read over your insurance policies, and consider flood insurance. Your standard homeowners or windstorm policy may not cover all damages.
  11. Have contact information for your insurance agent, and if your insurance company offers an app, consider downloading it. Many apps allow you to review your policies, file claims, and submit photos.
  12. Remember to pack birth certificates, social security cards, and passports. Replacing these items is time-consuming and, in some cases, very problematic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my records with the credit union safe?
Yes. 5Point backs up our system data on a daily basis and stores backups at an offsite location. In an evacuation, multiple sets are sent to different parts of the United States for safekeeping.

What happens if an order to evacuate is given by the Govenor?
All branches and locations affected will be closed, and employees will be released immediately after everything is secure. We will NEVER jepordize the safety of our employees and members. The credit union will re-open as soon as it is feasible and/or possible; members should call us at 1.800.825.8829 or 409.962.8793 if they have any questions or concerns. Our website and social media accounts will have our latest updates.
Will I have access to cash should I have to evacuate?
Yes, but the best course of action is to plan ahead; get cash in advance from any 5Point location. Plan for at least 3-4 days of expenses for your family (i.e. – hotel, food, gas, etc). If you have a debit card, you will have access to cash from any ATM terminal or point-of-sale purchase. You will also have access to cash via your credit card cash advances. Ensure that you know your PIN.

What happens if power is lost or heavy flooding occurs in the areas where 5Point branches are located?
Should either of these situations occur, we have plans in place to prevent significant impact to our operations. Our members should feel little disruption in our services. 

Is the credit union a member of the “Credit Union Shared Branch” system?
Yes. You can visit any shared branch to make account inquiries, withdrawals, deposits, and transfers, make loan payments, and cash your checks while you are away from the area. Click here to locate a shared branch.
Are any of the safe deposit vaults waterproof?
No. We encourage you to purchase inexpensive waterproof bags to place the contents of your box in ahead of time. 
How is my direct deposit to my account affected if 5Point offices are closed?
In most cases, your deposit should post as normal. 

Can I deposit checks if 5Point offices are closed?
Yes. If we are closed, you can deposit checks using our deposit taking ATMs found at the Lumberton, Beaumont, Nederland, Port Arthur, and Bridge City 5Point locations. You can also deposit checks using mobile deposit on your 5Point mobile app.