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Need Money for College? 5Point’s Education Loan is right on point.

Scholarships, grants, and federal aid are great, but oftentimes they just can’t cover all the expenses needed to receive
a quality college education. Make the smart choice and apply for the new 5Point Education Loan. With sizable loan amounts, a quick application process and competitive, low rates, the 5Point Education Loan was specially developed to help students looking to attend a four-year public or private college or university for their education.

Before applying for any private student loan, we highly recommend students apply for and utilize all federal student aid programs through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Details at www.studentaid.gov.

Learn more about the 5Point Education Loan’s features, valuable borrower benefits, and repayment options below.

Higher Education Servicing Corporation (HESC) is the Loan Originator for our Private Education Loan program(s).  HESC is responsible for all private education loan processing and communications with the borrower(s) throughout the application process.  Questions related to the application process or the status of your loan should be directed to HESC at info@hescloans.com.

A better financial future starts with planning. Check out these resources below to learn more about how you can financially prepare for college.

5Point Private Education Loan

If you're a student looking to take out a loan on your own behalf, see if a Private Education Loan is right for you!


  • Student borrower must be enrolled at least half time in a degree-granting program (as certified by the school) at an approved school
  • Student borrower and cosigner (if applicable) must be permanent residents of Texas
  • The applicant applying as creditworthy (i.e. the cosigner or the student applying without a cosigner) must provide proof of current income
  • Student borrower and cosigner (if applicable) must be United States citizens/nationals or lawful permanent resident aliens of the United States

For more information on Private Education Loans click here.

Private Parent Loan

If you're a parent, family member, or a creditworthy individual interested in paying for a student's higher education expenses, a 5Point Private Parent Loan may be right for you!


  • The student beneficiary must be enrolled at least half-time in degree granting program (as certified by the school) at an approved school
  • The borrower must be at least eighteen years old at the time of the loan application
  • The borrower must meet certain income requirements and must submit verification of current income
  • The borrower must be a United States citizen/national or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States

For more information on Private Parent Loans click here.