There’s nothing more important to us than the safety and security of your accounts. When you trust us with your savings and investments, that means something – and we’re 100% committed to living up to that trust. Here are a few tips you can use to contribute to your accounts’ safety, and to banking safely in general. It’s best to be aware of frauds that can allow identity thieves to take advantage of your hard-earned money. Together, we can keep your investments where they belong  – safe, secure, and right here at 5Point.

Safe-Banking Tips

  1. Create a strong password. Make sure it’s unique to our site, and use a mix of characters and symbols to make it harder to crack.
  2. Always check the source. 5Point will never send you a text or email asking for your login information. If you receive a communication claiming to be from 5Point that asks for this kind of privileged information, please report it immediately.
  3. When you check your account online, make sure you’re using a secure location. Use a computer that’s exclusive to you, or use a computer or network you know and trust. Always log out when you’re finished.
  4. Beware of telephone scammers. These thieves often target the elderly, posing as telemarketers and asking for a “good faith” payment for a real product or company. In this way, they receive credit card numbers and sometimes passwords.
  5. When traveling, be aware of “skimming.” Local thieves are known to rig ATMs with tiny hidden devices that record and transmit card data. You can avoid this by checking an ATM for a Bluetooth signal (often a network named Free2Move). If you detect one, move on to another ATM.
  6. Never let anyone you don’t know use your account for any purpose. A type of thief known as a “card cracker” offers to pay you for the use of your bank account. He or she asks you to deposit checks, often through remote deposit or ATM. These checks are unfunded, but once the other party has withdrawn the money from your account, you are liable for these counterfeit checks when they are returned.

How to Report Fraud on your 5Point Debit or Credit Card:

If your 5Point debit or credit card has been lost, stolen, or you suspect fraudulent activity, cancel your card immediately by calling 1.800.825.8829. You can also report to the following:

1.800.528.2273 Visa Debit
1.800.442.4757 Mastercard Credit
1.800.528.2273 Discover Debit

Fraud Information Resources

The National Credit Union Administration offers tools to help the elderly manage money and protect themselves against fraud. NCUA's Pocket Cents financial literacy website includes an entire section on issues of particular interest to older Americans.
The website contains tips on handling personal finances and protecting against frauds and scams aimed at older adults.

NCUA also has a video explaining how certain financial scams specifically target older Americans and how to avoid being victimized. The agency’s Consumer Assistance Center is available to answer questions or handle complaints.