ABANDONED ACCOUNTS NOTICE: If your account has had no activity in the last three years, the State of Texas presumes it to be abandoned. We are required to send all abandoned funds to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts on or before July 1, 2019. Your unclaimed property will be transferred to the state if you do not call us about your abandoned account.

Save for what you want, the way you want.

No matter what your future goals are, there’s a 5Point savings account that supports them. These convenient, secure accounts are a great way to save for a big-ticket item, start building a nest egg, and earn dividends on your money. We’re sure that one (or more) of them is right for you.



Share (Savings) Accounts

Put money aside in a dividend-earning account that you can access online, at any location, or via ATM.

Savings Rates

Christmas Savings Accounts

Set up your account to put a little bit aside every month so you’re ready to help Santa. You can withdraw from this account at any time.

Savings Rates

Special Savings Accounts

Add a special share account to save for whatever’s on your horizon – you can add an appropriate account name (New Car, Vacation, Insurance, Hunting Trip), then start saving toward your goal.

Savings Rates

Progressive Money Market Accounts

Enjoy a higher rate of return on your balance while keeping the flexibility to make unlimited in-person withdrawals and/or six other transactions monthly.

Money Market Rates

Term Share Accounts/Certificates of Deposit

These accounts feature a higher rate of interest, yielding dividends that are paid monthly. You can choose whether to have your dividends deposited to your Term Share account to begin compounding or into a different account of your choosing as additional income.


IRA Accounts

Invest a percentage of your income in your retirement, and watch your savings grow – enjoy tax advantages, too.

IRA Rates