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Lost / Stolen Card (LSC) Reporting

Visa Global Customer Assistance Services (GCAS) associates receive calls from cardholders or third parties when a card has been lost, stolen, damaged or compromised. Visa GCAS associates will promptly assist cardholders to block their card account(s) on VisaNet when a full card number is available and promptly notify the issuing institution(s).

How This Card Benefit Program Works

The Visa GCAS team receives calls from cardholders or third parties when a Visa card has been lost, stolen or subject to fraud. Issuers can be assured that their cardholders will receive the assistance they need, including prompt action to block a cardholder's Visa card to prevent possible fraudulent transactions and provide cardholders with emergency cards and cash as needed. Visa GCAS associates can help issuers prevent and minimize losses resulting from lost, stolen or compromised cards that are subject to unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, while at the same time decreasing administrative costs associated with fraudulent transactions.