Star Savers

Hi, I'm StarBit

Do You Know My Motto?

“When you’re headed for the stars, you have to get there a little bit at a time.”

That’s why we have a Star Savers Club at 5Point.  It helps all my young earthling friends learn that if you save a little at a time and do it regularly, it really pays off.

If you are 12 or younger and you are already a 5Point member, just come in and register with a teller and they’ll get you everything you need: a membership card, a StarBit coloring book and your very own Star Log so you can start saving right away.
Bowling Family

 If you are not a FivePoint member, just stop by one of our stores with your parent or guardian and bring your social security card.  With just a $25 deposit you’ll be ready to go.  Each deposit of $10 or more will get you a stamp on your card…and those little stamps will add up to big prizes. 

StarBit collectables
Birthday Card
Invitations to parties and special events

And to see your money grow into more money, you can open your own share certificate with just $100.