Welcome to Youth Center

We believe that one account does not fit everyone…especially younger members. That is why 5Point offers Star Savers, FYI and Get Connected. These accounts are tailored to the usage and expectations of the members they serve.


Our Star Savers Club (ages 0-12) is designed with kids in mind. We offer prizes for deposits that show little ones the value of savings. We have parties throughout the year and don’t forget, our out of this world mascot, StarBit!


Teenagers 13-17 are eligible for our FYI (For Young Investors) account. It’s a simple account that offers teenagers just what they need for the stage that they are in. It is designed to help them practice the saving skills they learned in Star Savers and introduces them to the idea of growing their money through safe investment opportunities.

Bridge Logo

Bridge, for young adults 18-25, is our new youth program that takes all the skills that they learned in Star Savers and FYI and takes them one step further. Bridge will help young adults learn to manage their money wisely and start to build credit that will last them a lifetime.