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Vehicle: 2016 GMC Sierra 3500 Diesel

, hereby bid 
dollars for the purchase of the vehicle described above.

5Point Credit Union reserves the right to reject both high and low bids on the aforementioned vehicle.
I understand that the Credit Union makes no representation as to the condition or quality of this vehicle and that, should my bid be accepted, the vehicle will be sold to me on an "as is" basis without recourse. You may take the vehicle to your mechanic at your expense to know the condition of the vehicle.
I also understand that when notified that my bid has been accepted, it is my responsibility to pay for the vehicle by cash, cashier's check or Credit Union check within seven (7) days.
My signature below acknowledges that I have read all the above clauses and stipulations and agree to all of them. I accept the vehicle without any warranty or guarantee, should my bid be accepted.