Check out our newest product, Remote Deposit Capture. Too busy to stop by your local FivePoint store to deposit a check? No problem. Now you can make check deposits with your smartphone. All you need is our FivePoint app. For those members who already have the app, an update may be necessary to view the "Deposit Checks" option.

Please review the disclosure below.  You can contact us at 409.962.8793 or 800.825.8829 with questions concerning this app.

Remote Deposit Capture Disclosure

How to Deposit Checks with your Smartphone:

Deposit Checks     Deposit Info 

 Check Front     Check Back

1. Choose the Deposit Checks Button.

2. Enter the required information (account to deposit funds in & amount of check).

3. Use the camera button to capture an image of the front and "signed" back of your check. The words "Mobile Deposit" must be on the back of your check along with the account number you wish to deposit the check in.

4. You will then choose to "Deposit" the funds or "Cancel" the transaction.

Our app will notify you if the transaction was submitted. You can later view your Account Balance and History to determine if your funds were deposited into your account.  If your check was held for review for any reason, you will receive a notification by email once it has been reviewed.