Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we our upgrade our system?

We’ve updated our system to provide the most up to date product services that our members need and deserve, now and tomorrow. Our updated system brings enhancements and integrated business services. It also allows us to serve you more efficiently, and enables us to provide additional innovative products and services.

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Accounts, Passwords, Share Terms

Will 5Point’s routing number change?

Our routing number will remain 313187571.


Will my member ID/account number change?

Your member ID/account number will remain the same.


Will my verification password change when calling the call center?

No, your verification password will remain the same.


Will my term share certificate (CD) number change?

Yes, the share certificate number will change slightly. If your certificate is a 5-digit number, it will convert to the last 4 digits of your original share certificate number. After the upgrade, your new number will show on your statement and in home banking.


Will monthly statements change?

Our monthly statements will continue to look the same. In November, you will receive two statements for the month. The first statement will include transactions from November 1 - November 9 (before the system upgrade). The second statement will include transactions from November 10 - November 30 (after the system upgrade).


Will I need new deposit slips or checks?

No. Your current checks and deposit slips will continue to work.


Will there be any changes to Christmas Club accounts?

After the upgrade, the Christmas Club account will function like a normal share account, and members can add or withdraw funds to the account at any time. This way, our members can access their funds when they need them. Beginning in 2018, funds will no longer automatically transfer on November 1.



Electronic Services

Will my home banking login information change?

No, home banking login information remains the same.


Will shared access inside home banking change?

If you have a shared access user set up in home banking, they will no longer have access to your accounts after the upgrade. You will need to re-register them after November 13.


Will there be any notation changes within home banking?

Home banking will remain the same. However, if you have a home banking transfer scheduled for November 10, 11, or 12, you will see it notated differently within home banking. For example:

    A typical home banking transaction would be shown as:
    Transfer / WITHDRAWAL @ Home Banking Trace #12345678 Transfer “DTS” 50.00 to share 8 (eff. date 09/15/2017)

    Transactions scheduled during upgrade weekend will be shown as:
    Transfer / WITHDRAWAL Transfer ‘DTS’ 50.00 to acc:12345678 (eff. date 09/15/2017)

Transaction notations will revert back to normal on Monday, November 13.


Will there be any new features in home banking after the upgrade?

Yes, after the upgrade you will be able to stop payment on checks and open additional checking or savings accounts through home banking. Until now, these actions could only be accomplished by calling or visiting the credit union.


What about my payees in bill pay through home banking? Will I need to re-enter them?

No, your payees will stay the same.


Will I need to reschedule my regularly scheduled bill pay payments through home banking? 

No, your regularly scheduled bill payments will remain the same.


Will prior e-statements or cleared checks be available to print/view in home banking?

We will continue to have six months of historical e-statements and check images available in home banking.


Will my access to Quicken/Quickbooks change with the upgrade?

You will need to do a final download of your transactions before November 9, and update your software after November 13 in order to access your Quicken account after the system upgrade. Click here to view instructions on how to download your transactions and update your Quicken software.


Is there a new enrollment process for telephone banking (MATT)?

Yes, when you use MATT for the first time after our system upgrade, you will be asked to create a unique PIN code to continue using the automated system.



Payroll, ACH, Wire Transfer, Loan Payment

Will my loan account number change?

Only the suffix of your loan account number will change. After the upgrade, it will change to 4 digits. For example: if your loan number is 4567-1, it will become 4567-0001.



Business Customers

Will home banking change for business customers?

For each individual business entity, you will be able to see all loan and share information under one home banking sign-in. You will also have access to your business line of credit through home banking and will be able to transfer from your line of credit into your deposit accounts. You’ll also be able to transfer from business checking to loan accounts. These transactions will all be performed using the home banking sign in that business members currently use for deposit accounts.


I make business loan payments in the lobby. Will there be changes after the upgrade?

Yes, after the upgrade, there will no longer be a one day delay when making loan payments in the lobby. Your payments will be processed immediately.